Honest, entrance-free, different.

Gallery, bar, concert venue, open project space – Galerie Fango is a place completely operated by volunteers. The symbiosis of art experience, music and a fair and open attitude attracts an audience of all ages and nationalities. But that would never be possible without all the voluntary supporters. Once you see the cozy, lounge like rooms with your feet surrounded by finest sand, it becomes clear: this place is unique in town.

At the end of September 2021, after more than 1.5 years, we opened the gallery Fango without much noise. Because we wanted to invite as many as possible into our living room, we tried out whether the 3G regulation (recovered, vaccinated, tested) is manageable. Unfortunately, however, it turned out that the current regulations cannot be implemented at a reasonable and affordable cost. E.g. under 3G our guests are only allowed to sit at the tables without FFP2 masks and would have to put them on again on the way to the toilet or the bar. It is already a considerable additional effort in the foyer to check everyone and to have to discuss with some of them. In the bar room to also discipline everyone, none of us can imagine. We have therefore changed to the 2G rule (recovered, inoculated) in order to be able to relax within our premises. We have decided to enforce this consistently, even if we unfortunately exclude some of our guests, but also close friends with it. We do not want to and cannot allow any exceptions, because we cannot expect those who do the admission on a voluntary basis to take the responsibility and decision to act illegally and to put others in danger who want to feel safe with us. All those who do not understand this, please stop insulting and threatening our friends at the entrance and us for it and remember that there will also be a time after the pandemic, when we all want to meet again in friendship and with love.

Our bar is run on a voluntary basis, if there are question marks below or even nothing, no one has been found who could staff the bar. If you can imagine to help from time to time feel free to contact us.