About us

Kulturforum Cottbus e.V. – a non-profit organisation

“Kulturform Cottbus e.V.” is a non-profit organisation working towards more cultural and sub-cultural diversity in our city. The members and supporters of the organisation include a variety of different professions, but also apprentices, (university) students or pensioners. The “Kulturforum” joins artists, arts scholars, people interested in art as well as people without any art background, which simply appreciate the open and heartfelt atmosphere of the organisation. A major project of the “Kulturforum” is the “Galerie Fango”, which is used as meeting point, workspace and presentation area.

Galerie Fango

… is nothing like a “White Cube”. Instead its walls are painted black and its ground is covered in fine sand. Art is not viewed in silence, but usually discovered in between conversations and drinks. Since its beginning “Galerie Fango” focuses on young and contemporary art, but also exhibits work from established artists and uses art as a means to approach social or political issues. As the exhibitions are completely independent from market needs, it is possible to present progressive and/ or controversial art and to allow young artists to make their very first public appearances. Among artists we are known for our individual and extensive press work. Additionally we collaborate with art students, e.g. to prepare art historic documents to accompany the exhibitions. We support artists during their preparation for the exhibition, help looking for financial support and offer access to a wide-spread network. Entrance to exhibitions and events is always free to allow access to everybody.
During exhibition openings we abstain from lengthy speeches and explanations, instead we celebrate with live music or other activities which compliment the exhibition.
For the past 6 years the “Galerie Fango” has participated in the “FilmFestival Cottbus” (Festival of Eastern European Cinema) with a thematically fitting supporting programme. For the last 8 years   we have held the sales exhibition “Pre-Schenk” which offers art and design products, for those with a modest budget, in the run up to christmas.

Bar and Café

Our visitors are as heterogenous as our members, coming from various age groups and social backgrounds. The bar, which is open from Wednesday till Saturday from 8 p.m. (often till the early morning), offers a casual setting to meet with others and explore art. It is a substantial element and helps finance the overall project. Over the years it has evolved into an important meeting point for the creative scene in Cottbus.

Concerto Fango

The “Galerie Fango” also hosts selected concerts from national and international artists. The direct and personal atmosphere during performances in the “Fango” is appreciated both by musicians and visitors. The unique and close interaction between artists, organisers and visitors often results in night-long discussions and new friendships.
The concert series “von hier” (from here) offers a platform for local musicians, who often honour us with exclusive acoustic sets.

Free space

The “Kulturforum” welcomes new members with open arms. Except for some long-standing core members the composition of the organsiation is continuously changing. The continual coming and going of members is a steady source of new ideas and projects. Non-members are also welcome to use our premises to realise their ideas.


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