1. Name, place of business, business year

1.1 The association goes by the name “Kulturforum Cottbus e.V”. It is listed in the register of associations and has its place of business in Cottbus.
1.2 Business year of the association is the calender year.

2. Purpose and actions of the association

2.1 Purpose of the association is the support and preservation of art and culture.
2.2 The purpose of the association statutes is preservation and development of cultural activities in Cottbus by supporting innovative artists through exhibitions and by bringing together people with different capabilities and proficiencies through collaborative projects.
2.3 In particular young people shall be integrated and assisted through open youth work, as they are able to influence the cultural sphere in and around Cottbus in a sustainable and long-term way.
2.4 As the only non-profit organisation of this kind in Cottbus the “Kulturforum Cottbus e.V.” shall offer people the possibility to express free and independent thoughts through their artistic representation, thus influencing the public sphere.
2.5 To accomplish its objectives the association cooperates with other people, facilities and organisation with similar ambitions.
2.6 To accomplish the above mentioned objectives, the association of course preferably utilises ecological and regional resources.

3. Non-profit status

3.1 The association pursues only and directly non-profit objectives according to the section „Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke“ of the “Abgabenordnung” (section “tax-privileged purposes” in the tax code).
3.2 The association actions are altruistic, they are not predominantly commercial. Funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes.
3.3 The members of the association do not receive allowances from the association funds. No person may receive benefits through expenses that are not according to the association statutes or that are disproportionate high.
3.4 After liquidation or loss of the tax-privileged purposes, available funds of the association go to “Kunst- und Kulturverein Cottbus e.V. – Galerie HAUS 23”, Marienstraße 23, 03046 Cottbus.
3.5 All members work on a voluntary basis.

4. Members

4.1 Members can be natural or legal persons, who support the associations purposes. A written application request has to be submitted. Acceptance of this request is decided by the management board.
4.2 The management board can award persons that have rendered outstanding services to the purposes of the association with an honorary membership.
4.3 Membership terminates
a) with the death (in case of natural persons) or the dissolution (in case of legal persons) of the member,
b) with resignation from the association, or
c) with exclusion by the majority of the management board.
4.4 Resignation is possible to the end of the current month, as long as the member is not involved in an ongoing project. In case of the participation in an ongoing project (with participation declared in writing), the resignation has to be submitted to the management board at least 2 month in advance. A member can be excluded from the association if he/ she behaves in a manner damaging the association. Exclusion is done by decision of the management board.
4.5 The association charges a membership fee. On request the management board can reduce or provisionally suspend the membership fee for individual members. The amount of fees is decided by the general assembly of the association members.

5. Bodies of the association

Bodies of the association are
a) the general assembly
b) the management board

6. The general assembly of the members

6.1.1 The ordinary general assembly is held annually. It decides with the majority of cast votes. To change the association statutes a majority of three quarters of the cast votes is required; to dissolve the association a majority of four fifths is required.
6.1.2 The extraordinary general assembly has to be convened by the management board if at least one third of the members request it.
6.2 Each general assembly is convened by a member of the management board in written form, ensuring an invitation period of two weeks. The agenda, as decided by the management board, shall be communicated together with the invitation.
6.3 The general assembly is particularly responsible for:
a) Decisions regarding the composition of the management board,
b) changes of the associations statutes,
c) hearing annual reports and financial statements,
d) dissolution of the association.

6.4 A written vote is possible if it is made at least two days prior to the voting. Members can authorise a substitute to cast their vote. Authorisation has to be done in writing; the substitute has to be a member him-/ herself. A substitute may not represent more than two other members.
6.5 The decisions of the general assembly are recorded by the secretary. The meeting protocol is signed by the secretary and by the chairman of the management board.

7. deleted (general assembly of 15.07.2012)

8. The management board

8.1 The management board consists of five association members. It is appointed from among the members of the general assembly. If a management board member resigns, another member has to be elected to take over the respective position.
8.2 The management board consists of:
– the chairman of the management board
– the vice chairman of the management board
– the treasurer
– an assessor with the area of responsibility “press and publicity”
– an assessor with the area of responsibility “business operations (gastronomy)”
8.2.1 The chairman is entitled to vote and authorised to sign for the association. He/ she represents the association on behalf of the general assembly to the outside world.
8.2.2 The vice chairman is entitled to vote and—in absence of the chairman—authorised to sign for the association. He/ she represents the association on behalf of the general assembly to the outside world.
8.2.3 The treasurer is entitled to vote and authorised to represent the association according to its statutes. He/ she is responsible for the associations finances.
8.2.4 Both assessors are entitled to vote and authorised to represent the association according to its statutes.
8.3 The management board constitutes a quorum if a majority of its members are present. Decisions of the management board are recorded.
8.4 Unless the general assembly decides otherwise, the members of the management board are jointly authorised liquidators in case of the associations dissolution.
8.5 Term of office for the management board is one year. After the expiration of this term the management board is newly elected by the general assembly.

9. Jurisdiction

The chairman and the vice chairman of the management board is entitled to represent the association judically.
We assure the correctness and completeness of the statutes according to §71 Abs. 1 Satz 4 BGB